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Are you comfortable with your body? – Test

Are you comfortable with your body? – Test

Knowing the relationship we have with our body helps us better understand the relationship we have with others. Learning to apprehend it, to listen to it, to accept it and, yes, to love it, can only be beneficial.


For calculating your test results take a look at the following chart:



For each question, circle your answer and add up your A, B, C and D. Then, refer to the following profiles to the decryption that corresponds to you.



The enemy body

The relationship you have with your body seems somewhat troubled and difficult. Representing in your eyes more a poisoned gift than a gift that we are going to love, you readily associate with it terms such as embarrassment, discomfort, fear or even anguish … You try to prevent it from waking up, from taking speech (especially too violently). In short, that it does not manifest itself in any form whatsoever for fear of being overwhelmed by emotions too strong to be able to control them. Inhabited by anguish that he will betray your secret wounds, you often adopt, despite yourself, an obsessional behavior which consists, here, in scrupulously watching out for the slightest pain, the smallest abnormality. Some may sometimes fall into hypochondria, then unconsciously preferring that their body expresses itself through controllable ailments rather than through shameful words. You seem to be able to see your body only from this anxious, disturbing, enemy angle. He is an intrusive stranger.

Often, this attitude is due to a lack of happy, rewarding, positive and loving experiences around the body, mainly during childhood … To be able to experience it positively, one must, in fact, be able to invest it as a place of pleasure, in complete safety and without guilt showing the tip of its nose! Have you often had the opportunity? Know that trying to control every expression of your body will not remove the anxiety that you attach to it.

A piece of advice: to live your body more freely and accept your body as the companion it seeks to be, it is better to look to the possible origins of this painful experience which is poisoning your life. Do not be afraid to listen to him anymore, to let him show you the way of emotions. Because the latter, contrary to what you seem to believe, are not destructive, but saving, when we let them be by agreeing to give them the place they deserve, simply …



The showcase body

Your body is you! It is your core identity, your business card and as such it has to be the best it can be. Often a fan of abs / glutes, beauty workouts or weight training, and somewhat of a fashionista, you seek to make your body a perfect showcase of yourself. You dive happily into the ocean of aesthetics (sometimes surgery …) and cosmetics, in order to appear in the eyes of others in your best light. The cult of beauty, perfection and seduction is your main ally to realize your need to please: your body is what will make others love you …

But what makes you want to please others so much? To be perfect, physically at the top? Of course, you have taken the positive advantage of being well-groomed, of knowing how to enhance yourself physically, and this is a precious art to cultivate! But is not your conduct a little reductive? Focusing your relationship with your body on an exclusively aesthetic mode can quickly prevent you from updating and taking advantage of your other often forgotten potentials!

Behind such a quest for physical beauty, we often find the need to correspond to an image, almost an icon, mainly conveyed by society, especially through fashion. In short, stick to the criteria in force (conscious or unconscious), and thus put your specificities, your own originality, on the back burner. For some, it can also express the fact that you experience yourself (unconsciously most of the time) as an object of the satisfaction of the other, in the sense that you have to be as that other wants to see you (at least as you think he wants to see you! Meditate on this nuance …!).

A word of advice: why not try a freer relationship with your body by letting it be as it is more often, without wanting to make it correspond to an image which, after all, is not yours. And also discover your other assets … surely many!



The friendly body

The relationship you have with your body does indeed seem to work in a way of love and respect! Considering it as your closest and most intimate companion, you know how to take care of it, preserve it, maintain it, but also and above all: discover it.

Indeed, you particularly like letting it guide you on the path of emotions and sensations which, in your eyes, constitute one of the most beautiful paths which leads to yourself, to others and to the world. You suspect that it still conceals many secret territories to the conquest of which you leave with joy, happy to be able to better know the one who will accompany you step by step along your journey!

You thus experience tenderness, gentleness, but also strength, in the evocation of this body which is yours. You accept it as it is, neither seeking to transform it, nor to leave it fallow. On the contrary, you know how to positively use its peculiarities and specificities to showcase yourself. Even if it can happen to you from time to time to make some excess or some hindrance to this good relationship, you have sufficiently understood the importance of a happy body so as not to fall into traps like that of addiction (alcohol, bulimia … .) or risk (dangerous driving, high-risk sport, etc.).

A word of advice: like some, you can deepen this discovery of the hidden powers of the body by practicing sophrology, relaxation, tantra, or even tai chi and other bodily disciplines … So, positive and fulfilling experiences relating to the bodily experience in your childhood, this loving and respectful attitude allows you to go calmly to its discovery, but also to that of the body of the other … What great moments of joy and beautiful sensations in perspective!



The ignored body

What relationship do you have with your body. Why? Is there a special relationship to have with him? Your body is there, more or less efficient, and then that’s it!

Indeed, you seem to consider your body like a car which, as long as it is running, allows you to take you wherever you want … But when it comes to taking care of it or even listening to it from time to time, you easily respond to absent subscribers! Follower of the “live and let die”, you do not expect anything in particular from him if it is only for it to work, and you also want him to forget you, in particular by avoiding showing weaknesses and calling you for help! There is thus a dichotomy within yourself: on the one hand, you, on the other, your body …

But are you sure it works like this? Do you really believe that by pushing it forward without any consideration, and that by sometimes bringing it to the end of its limits by various risky behaviors, you will go very far? What prevents you from seeing him as a true traveling companion?

Perhaps it is necessary to look at the side of your experiences concerning the love to be given to others, and suddenly to yourself. Because to deny your body in its statute of being alive, one could well think at first sight that for you, to like the other and to show it is not very interesting. Is it not rather that it scares you, or that you do not feel worthy to be loved? We often reproduce on others what we do unconsciously to ourselves. The way you treat your body more broadly reflects the way you treat yourself.

A word of advice: take the time to see what is preventing you from entering into a relationship with it and do not forget that the more you love and take care of your body, the more you will have the chance to go a long way … side of this formidable meeting, because unlike human beings, who pass by and often leave only a chance of meeting, your body, him, by his faithful presence, constantly offers you an open part towards his universe … blow to yourself.





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