Why I do not use a business card

business card

In the past, I have always considered designing an eye-catching business card before going to an event. I considered this a must preparation task and invested a lot of time and testing in order to figure out the best version. Finally, I was never fully content with the end result but took it with me on the big day to have something to hand over to the other person I was talking to on the stands.  But the end effect was every time the same, business cards brought to me no benefit.

Inbound Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing


Outbound Marketing or also called Traditional Marketing describes the classical methods of trying to catch customer`s attention. Under these, we count radio ads, TV ads, newspaper ads or junk mail. Those strategies are nowadays more off-putting then attacking attention so businesses focus therefore more energy and resources in Inbound Marketing – by delivering meaningful content to a target audience in order to convert them in time into leads and customers.

Manufacturer-User Gap: Bridging Holds Promise for Better Cybersecurity (Guest Post)

Manufacturer User-Gap Bridging Cybersecurity


This is a Guest Post written by the Techwarn Team.


Current day cybersecurity stats are scary, and that is putting it mildly. We are at the point where the only reason why a hack has not happened on our accounts is that a dedicated hacker might not be looking that way yet. 

It, therefore, becomes important to ensure we are always running a tight ship whenever and wherever.