Top 20 Brain Fitness Sites

Brain Fitness Sites

Brain training games train your working memory and make you mentally more agile. So they are great complementation for your personal development plan – besides training your body with physical exercises, eating balanced and healthy, having a good sleep routine and mediation practices. 

Some tips on motivational speech

tips motivational speech

Have you ever participated in a personality development event and felt totally engaged and motivated to change your entire life from that time point? Have you felt like you can move to the mountains? Congratulations! Then you know what it means to be fully energized after hearing a motivational speech. It is a totally normal reaction that happens in the audience if the speech has been structured to inspire the audience to make a change in their life. Do you also want to create a speech with this character?

How to persuade anyone by using a single sentence

persuade single sentence


Persuasion is according to the DEX dictionary “the action, the gift, or the power to convince someone to believe, think, or do something.

It is a very interesting topic because it fascinates many of us to discover the magic of getting what we want from anyone. But if you still struggle to discover a way in which you can be more convincing than I have good news, maybe it is not your fault.

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