Revisiting emotions

Revisiting your emotions

Emotions, a valuable indicator

Emotions are the reflection of our thoughts or more exactly the consequence of our thoughts. For example, when we think we are going to fall, we feel fear. Our emotions send out signals. If we have not been vigilant enough and a harmful thought has taken its course, an emotion will indicate it to us.

negative thoughts

Get rid of negative thoughts

Let’s identify the wrong thoughts

We entertain thoughts which, when we are unaware, turn out to be wrong. Fortunately, the events we are going through help us detect them. If we do not succeed, other situations will allow us to bring them to light. So it is possible to have many poorly paid jobs before you can understand that it has negative consequences on money. The situation can repeat itself until we come to realize our harmful thoughts.

Attitudes adopt

The attitudes to adopt

Let’s take things as they come

Rather than tensing up to be ready to pounce, in reaction to what happens, let us try to accept events for what they are. Has your neighbor just flooded your living room? Good. Do not rush home in the heat of anger. Consider what’s going on. What action should you take first? Put a basin under the leak? Very good. Then warn your neighbor about the damage you notice at home? Perfect. You can go ring the bell. Therefore, by adopting a positive and practical state of mind (since you have to be in this situation), you will remain calm and will manage to resolve the problem at hand without creating unnecessary tension.


The principles of letting go

Nothing is permanent, everything is in perpetual evolution

One of the principles of letting go is to realize that everything, every being is constantly evolving. We cannot stop time. Each person changes. We transform ourselves physically, intellectually, emotionally, throughout our lives. It is the same for everything that surrounds us: plants, animals, wind, rain. The objects also change, they slide, break, are recycled. There is therefore no point in getting attached to anything since everything is transformed.

art of letting go

The art of letting go

Letting go is a complex notion. To give a definition of letting go, let’s say that it’s the action to help you to eliminate that keeps us from doing well. By letting go, we open up and welcome the new. By doing it this way, we are committing ourselves to a happier life, and to give us more care.


The latest article I read online

I have been searching for a while what to write about in this article because I had no inspiration what I could share with you this time. Searching on the internet I have found an article about what our face reveals about our character. So I decided to have a read and to share with you the most important insights from this article.

WordPress Dashboard Walkthrough

Tutorial: WordPress Dashboard Walkthrough

So far I am blogging for at least 4 years and using WordPress since I have started this blog. Staying in contact with my readers I have received some questions on how a blog works, especially the technical part of it. So I decided to write a kind of different type of article this time and share with you the essential components of the WordPress Dashboard so that you receive a general overview of how the platform is structured and what its functionalities are. 

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