9 Advantages of Procrastination

advantages procrastination
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Every one of us has different work styles. Some people prefer to plan their work detailedly over long time periods, others do not make plans at all and prefer to work intuitively when they want to. Another group of people knows that they have to work but do everything else but that work and delay to do it until the deadline is coming. Those people are called procrastinators.

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7 facts about the way we think

facts think

Our way of thinking influences our lives in a major way. This was also the topic of the book As you think by James Allen. I recently read this book – and because I found it so simple and essential written with a practical facette, I want to share with you the principal lessons learned there.

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Have you heard of the brain’s “buy now”-button?

brain buy now button

Yes, this neurological “buy now”-button really exists. According to London`s researchers, it could be proved that when we are about to purchase something there is a specific region of the brain, which is activated.

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