Be aware of the fact that happiness brings success

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How many times have we touched happiness? And if yes, have we also been aware at that moment that we have it? Have we been eager to keep it? Have we been proud of what we have? Have we been proud of what we have? Have you asked yourself when you have been proud for the last time? When have you known to really enjoy it?

You look around  and all that you see are people who made it, successful people who made their dream become true. You would like to be like them but something is missing. Something does not make a whole. Something does not bind.  You always asked yourself what is missing in you and what do they have more then you or you less then them?

Some people say and you can see it with your open eyes that when they feel happy they have bigger chances to obtain what they actually wish. They have more energy, and when they feel good they are motivated to do more interesting and remarkable things comparing to the others. They are raised at a higher level of inspiration and pushes them forward, leaving the anonymous status and “growing their wings”.  

How many times have we realized that, when a person we felt close sustained us, things went well, have we not? We were happy when everything resulted how we wished to. Yes, I think when you feel happy and satisfied with your  own person then you are also successful. Everything stays in working with yourself, have always a positive attitude. Believe in yourself and in what you are doing and never choose to high objectives you will never be able to touch. Think in the here and now, live in the present and try to be anchored in reality in all you can touch and do not dream.

Dreams disappear as fast as they appear. It is not a mistake to dream and to follow it but you should be aware how realizable they are or not. But your dream is not everything you live but only a part of your universe and fills a hole of your existence.

Some people say that they are happy and satisfied when they realize something of what they can do in life. Others say that happiness means to them doing what you wish to do, to have a successful carrier, for others happiness means to have much money, huge houses, luxury cars, many luxury cars, more luxury cars … Then they feel in shape, powerful and believe of themselves that they are successful people. For them success brings happiness and only after fulfilling their purposes they get to know truly what happiness means to them.

How would happiness mean for me? What would bring material or affective realizations for me? A cumulations of both realizations would bring a balance? Maybe. For me professional things went well when I was happy. And I believe when somebody is happy I consider the first option as valid: happiness brings success and not that success brings happiness. The second option only sustains the hypothesis but is not durable, too.


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