Bad luck or luck?

bad luck luck
Photo by: julochka

When you wake up in the morning and open your eyes you are glad about how lucky you are about the day that has just started; simply without happening anything.

With time passing problems start to come up one by one…

Some of us forget how lucky they can be that they are healthy. Only when they are sick they come suddenly to the “normal” conclusion: “I have bad luck and this could have happened only to me.”

And continuously you consider yourself being an unlucky and you prepare yourself for the worst.

For you looking from the outside it is difficult to understand and to help this “unlucky” to think differently. To be happy about one has and that one is lucky to live this way. Preparing always for disasters, some of the one can also provoke.

But how can one pass this?

One has to overcome on his or her own the trauma from the past and to realize how lucky one is in the present.

Personal bad luck can be solved in time.

Not everyone of us has a strong personality. Not everyone can wake up over night masters of positive thinking and capable to accept and to be happy about our own successes, considering being lucky.

But we can all accept weaknesses and positive sides and to know how to pass with them the situations we are exposed to.

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