A new implemented habit requires to be more indulgent with yourself

Photo by: Twentyfour Students

We set an objective without knowing if we are able to fulfill it successfully of if we at list stick to it for a period of time. We propose ourselves to keep a good habit and leave the one behind, which was not beneficial to us.

We tend to do exactly the same like in the days that past, by following our instinct. We do not have necessary patience to integrate the good habit slowly but surely. We want it to be part of our life and that is it. We wish that we will make it from the first try and exclude vehemently the option that we are not able to accept our weakness to be indulgent with ourselves.

What would it be if we proposed ourselves to exit our comfort zone and to make some sport exercises. At the beginning we are successful, but in time because of the loaded time schedule we tend to push this new habit to another time period. We do not make it to finally stick to this habit.

Does this make us weak humans? Does this make us humans without principles? Who are not able to take care of their health?

No! Not by far!

From all the stages we have went through we have learned that in future we should not leave things slip our control. We should avoid to postpone things and to do them as much as possible according to a plan. We should always learn form mistakes and not to repeat them another time.

We should start to learn to correct ourselves and not to frustrate that we have not succeeded this time again. We should implement a good habit in our life. Our resource of frustration should not be fed, but eliminated.

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