Be tolerant to change

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Within many ways of living you try to adapt again and again. You take a facet of already existent things and try to polish it. You try to adapt it to what you like to do and what you want to obtain.

You take a trajectory to the highly rapidly changing world. Everything changes and you try to keep up with it and to adapt to it. Time moves fast. We try to accomplish as many things as possible. We try to organize them so we are able to fulfill them. In the whirl of time which is running hallucinatory we try to fulfill them as good as we can. Sometimes we make it, other times not.

We search for the day of tomorrow to finish what was left over today and when it finally comes you try to accumulate it in “today”, here and now. You are aware of the fact that today is not yesterday anymore and you look back to what you have done, if you have realized something good or not or how satisfied you have been or not with yourself. You try to adapt by accepting to evolve with the others and not to rotate “anti-clockwise”.

You also want to keep up with the world and are aware that a life without evolution is a wasted life. The afterburning to “adaptation” is a rush of our time like “time has no patience with the people anymore”. Adapt to everything that is new, do not look back to yesterday. Live today and take the things as they are, how they are today not how they have been yesterday. Drift with the wave and take an assumed risk to that what is waiting for you tomorrow. Prepare you before for the unknown. It can be tricky! Assume the risk of not knowing what is waiting for you tomorrow!


How do you see “being tolerant to change”?



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