You are born in your body and it needs to be feed

Photo by: ansilta grizas

We are confronted in life with many things, things you have to learn individually. They are things life demands from us, but in school we are not learned how to do them. Without them we cannot live and evolve in daily life.

Some things we have to feel and do them according to our instincts like “it would be good so” and others have to be learned by other studies depending on how much you need them right now. You do not learn what your body needs and how you have to care for this individually and to feed it according to its sensibilities and needs. You do not know why some things are happening to you in some steps of life and how to behave whether it is good that they appear or not. You do not know why some of you body parts are hurting and how to react to this. When it is time to go to the physicians and when not.

Your body, which you take care for it to feed it daily makes you sometimes trouble. And even if you are not specialized in a domain you keep learning always something about it and how to help it when it is needed. Our life periods prepare us for living some experiences we as human beings are exposed all the time. We are confronted and are intoxicated with a lot of advertisement and a lot of different products. Even the triage of them and their elimination from our consumption provokes stress to us. The alimentation is the basic factor of all the diseases which appear in your body. The plenty of products which appeared on the market you make daily a triage and ask yourself all the time if the products you consume are good for you or not.

It is good to be educated from young ages to grow together with the other functions and needs of your organism and how you need alimentation: To know if this fits to you or not, when to use it and when not, if your metabolism accepts it or not. To know which is the perfect nutrition for your body, because from this you fill your body with power for work and the well-being you need in order to be “in shape”.

But if all these things should happen to you, you should learn to test and explore everything on your skin. And this is really worth trying.

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