How can you set your own objectives?

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    Is is easy to think in many directions. Ideas are popping up. Ideas you find thrilling at the beginning. Ideas that appear in the most unexpected locations and situations.

    They come and the quickly as they appear the fast they get lost being replaced by other new ideas. Everything starts mixing up in an amalgam of information. You cannot bear them in mind. Information come and go in a huge rapidity. When an idea is just coming into your mind, which seems ok for you, it is good to note it down. Try to make in this way a method of organization.

    By the whirl of information, which turns rapidly in your surrounding, the immortalization of information makes for the monitoring of your thoughts the best method for finding solutions and finalizations to the different problems you are confronted with.

    You should start with small steps, not to set from the beginning huge objectives. The little things help you to set you individual values. Make a test with yourself and get to know yourself, discover yourself individually and find your balance. 

    Only then you will find out what you really want. This helps you in your personal evolution. When you will understand yourself you are prepared to follow your objectives. Starting with small steps you start to formate yourself in a way you are able to organize and control yourself in what you are doing. You start to bring to the very end the small things. This gives you trust that you are able to do other things, too.

    You have to find confidence in yourself, because without it you will never have trust that you will be able to fulfill greater objectives.


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