4 ways to new ideas

Brainwriting Write each idea with appropriate associations on a separate index card. Let your thoughts run free. Write down everything, absolutely everything that comes to your mind. Then you examine card after card and discard anything that seems nonsensical to you. Write down new associations for everything that you then hold in your hand. And then choose the best solution.

20 things destroyed by the internet

  In January the first 1983 researchers began to work on the modern internet, whereas only from 1990 the internet got its shape with the invention of the World Wide Web by Tim Berners-Lee. The internet was so popular right from the beginning of its launch that it globally the number of internet users increased from only 413 million in […]

How social media helps you at the workplace

  Many employers criticize that employees spend too much time on social media while being at work, pretending that they actually avoid working and spend their time instead of in a more pleasant way. But there are also motives that encourage this behavior at work. So I want to outline how employees can use virtual communication channels as work tools […]

The weirdest 10 business ideas

  Everyone who wants to launch a startup faces in the first line a difficulty in finding a suitable niche that works for building a big business. And because everyone needs to make clear for oneself what passionates him or her, what these strengths and talents are and how to overlay them with market niches in order to solve relevant […]

20 free promotion ideas

When you start your own business you know that there is usually a period of financial and educational investment until you reach to make a profit out of it. So you are glad if you can save some money especially on ads which have to be displayed periodically to be first discovered by your target customers. Therefore I want to […]