Color sells…

color sells

Marketing uses color associations to increase product sales. Therefore I created an infographic to show you the role of color in branding.  I invite you to follow the steps of this short guideline. The first step is to find out the context of your business and to reply to the three questions. Then think about a suitable color, which represents your business the best. Consider the characteristics of the color you decide for. Then use the color repeatedly in your business.

9 Advantages of Procrastination

advantages procrastination

Photo by:BK

Every one of us has different work styles. Some people prefer to plan their work detailedly over long time periods, others do not make plans at all and prefer to work intuitively when they want to. Another group of people knows that they have to work but do everything else but that work and delay to do it until the deadline is coming. Those people are called procrastinators.