Exploring the Need for Innovation and Communication: It’s Never Too Late

In a world of constant change and rapid evolution, innovation and effective communication are becoming increasingly important. Regardless of the field we are in or the stage of life we find ourselves in, it is never too late to address these crucial aspects. Innovation: The Engine of Progress Innovation is the force that drives progress and development. It is the […]

Psychology of spaces: home and world in one

A cup of coffee, a piece of cake, countless impressions and encounters. About a place of inspiration and serenity – the psychology of the café. Ideally, you immediately feel at home when you enter a café: dim lighting, the smell of coffee, quiet music, clattering dishes, small tables and comfortable seating, people chatting or reading the newspaper, working or looking […]

Toxic workplace culture: Psychological impact and coping strategies

Toxic workplace culture can have a significant psychological impact on employees, negatively affecting their performance, mental well-being, and even physical health. It can be caused by various factors such as abusive behavior from colleagues or superiors, lack of communication or support, discrimination, overwork, or excessive pressure on employees. The psychological impact of a toxic workplace culture can include chronic stress, […]

10 free online tools you can use to improve customers´ experience

In older articles I have described some strategies you can use to improve your customers´experience at shopping. Because the better you know how to get under the skin of your target customers, the more content they will be with the products you offer to them and the longer they will be loyal to your business. And content customers are the […]