5 Ways Market Research Accelerates Business Development

This is a Guest Post written by Gracie Myers (Research Optimus).   Market research gives you vital knowledge about your industry and competitive environment. It entails gathering information, through primary market research and secondary market research, to understand target consumer groups and demographics better so that a firm can promote itself more successfully and, eventually, flourish in the market. 

Manufacturer-User Gap: Bridging Holds Promise for Better Cybersecurity (Guest Post)

  This is a Guest Post written by the Techwarn Team.   Current day cybersecurity stats are scary, and that is putting it mildly. We are at the point where the only reason why a hack has not happened on our accounts is that a dedicated hacker might not be looking that way yet.  It, therefore, becomes important to ensure […]

Online Shopping Basics: Secure Payments, Find Deals & More (Guest Post)

  The following post is a guest post written by Jack.   In the year 2017 alone, about 1.66 billion people were estimated to have bought one thing or the other online. That number is only bound to go up with e-retail sales estimated to reach 4.48 trillion by the year 2021 as opposed to the 2.3 trillion figure obtained in […]