Staring at the Sun

“Staring at the Sun” is a book written by the renowned psychotherapist and novelist Irvin Yalom. In this work, Yalom delves into the depths and complexities of human life through the stories and personal experiences of his characters. The book unfolds as a series of encounters between a therapist and his patients, offering readers an intimate insight into the world […]

The Benefits of Conversation for Physical and Mental Health

Conversations are an essential part of human life. They allow us to connect with others, share ideas and experiences, and build relationships. But conversations are not just enjoyable, they also have a number of benefits for physical and mental health. Reducing stress and anxiety Stress is a normal part of life, but when it is chronic, it can have a […]

Waterfalls: Really healthy

Staying in the immediate vicinity of a waterfall for an hour every day is apparently very healthy, reports doctor Manfred Spitzer. He has summarized the few controlled studies on this. The “waterfall test subjects” showed the clearest improvements in anxiety or depression. The increased ion content in the air near waterfalls could be responsible for this, according to the researcher. […]

Navigating Blue Monday: Unraveling the Significance and Managing the Mood

Every start of the week brings with it a complex mix of emotions, but Blue Monday, also dubbed as the “saddest day of the year,” seems to amplify these feelings. Enshrined in our mental calendar as the third Monday of January, Blue Monday is considered the time when many grapple with feelings of sadness, stress, and lack of motivation. However, […]

The Brown-Out

Feeling of uselessness, loss of meaning. This is the latest professional pathology to be talked about. After burn-out and bore-out, doesn’t this new anglicism reinforce the confusion? You are an expert on burn-out, this professional exhaustion caused by chronic stress. You have heard of bore-out, this deadly boredom linked to an underload of work. But do you know about brown-out? […]

Exploring Intolerance to Uncertainty: Why Do We Crave Control So Much?”

Understanding and managing intolerance to uncertainty are essential aspects of personal development and mental well-being. This trait, varying from individual to individual, can significantly impact the quality of life and influence how we navigate the events around us. In this article, we will explore the profound reasons behind intolerance to uncertainty and why we feel such a strong need to […]

Navigating Life’s Waters: A Reflection on Avoiding Regrets in 2024

In the vast sea of existence, the year 2024 beckons us to sail through the waters of life with purpose and introspection. As we set our course for the months ahead, let’s delve into the most common regrets that have haunted many, and construct a guiding map to avoid these pitfalls. Introduction: Embarking on this journey, we’re reminded of the […]