Change only what depends on you

change depends you
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Time cures wounds. Time resolves things. It finds always the key to solving, even for questions without a response.

People make the impossible to happen. Those who surround you help you to bring in your life the light you need. When you believe that nothing works anymore, the solution comes together with it, which helps you to be able to change something. And you find yourself again.

You enjoy things, which really matter to you. About the strength to start over again, to put things in the right order.

We are always followed by a hope and many memories. Memories we keep alive and we take them with us everywhere we are.

Our resources help us to raise barriers, which are falling in our way. We stand up again and we recover when we are at the bottom. Because the power to change things is in us.By taking the positive parts in our life.

Do only things together with people, whom you are on the same baseline. When things to do work anymore, change them! Change the direction of the wind, which helps you the most. Make choices in your life. Because you are the only one, who can decide what is OK for you and what not. Go on and look to the future with trust. In your way, there is no way of going back.

Live the life now and in the present. Spend time and love people, who are part of your present, they can be your way colleagues even in future.

Change everything that does not work in your life.Regulate what has to be regulated. Finish what has to be finished. The decision is yours and is in your hands.

Change only what depends on you. What depends on the others do not try to change. Because you will never succeed.

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