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The complete guide to keeping your motivation more than 3 days

The complete guide to keeping your motivation more than 3 days

Motivation is the experience of desire or aversion (you want something, or want to avoid or escape something). As such, motivation has both an objective aspect (a goal or thing you aspire to) and an internal or subjective aspect (it is you that wants the thing or wants it to go away). – Wikipedia


Whose of you haven’t had a dream you wanted to pursue and felt totally energized and motivated to achieve your objective? And whose of you were then thrown down from your dreams by some obstacle suddenly appearing in your life and damaging all your positive energy and motivation?

In this post, I want to share with you some self-motivation techniques which might help you to regain your initial energy when being confronted with negative events on our way. Why? Life is unpredictable and we need a strategy to maintain our self-motivation in order to succeed.

The complete guide to keeping your motivation more than 3 days 

Make a powerful and mindful meeting with life

Maybe it is nothing new to you if I say, that for keeping your motivation you need firsthand to be more present in your life, that means to enjoy every moment of it, to focus your attention on the moment you are living, and to leave the past behind. Happiness is nothing else but perceiving and living the present. Moreover, take care of your inner speech, and before you react and decide to give it all up, to ask yourself what would your best Self do? This is an exercise you are free to repeat many times a day. Personality development is surely important to sustain your inner strength – so protect your health and follow a healthy lifestyle by eating smaller portions, drinking more water, sleeping better, and guarding the kind of people we permit to enter our lives. 

Master your Agenda

We should spend our time with things of value to find fulfillment. Be clear, what is significant to you: What do I want to do with my life? What dreams do you like to realize? Who is important to me? Use the word “no” every time unless a thing seems to be personally and socially important to you.

Conquer your inner enemy

Your thoughts are limiting your advance so you have to learn to conquer and manage your inner world. Cultivate a mindset based on choices – believe in the things you are pursuing and what you will obtain in the future. Keep a diary and write every day down a list of why you should believe in yourself and your cause. Moreover, make a list of things you have postponed and start acting on the thing that you fear the most. 

Proceed and Abandon

We can form our own reality based on our own person. So you do not need to ask for permission to do a thing, you only need a gram of insanity and innovation. What do you like out of your reality and what not? What has held me behind to live my own reality? You need to take action to see the results you aspire to and by the way, they will make you happy. 

Practice happiness and gratefulness

Make a habit to have a happy and grateful attitude towards life. This can be done by looking at the positive sites of things. Joy will become part of your personality in time! Besides living the moment you are able to try different things out to find a flow in your work and talent and to smile if something does not work as you imagined it at the start. Face everything with peace, seriosity, and enthusiasm. Another habit to build is pushing yourself out of your comfort zone regularly. Free your ego from social masks, accept nature and the unpredictable – be grateful for everything you have and express it! 

Protect your Integrity

In difficult moments we tend to destroy ourselves and to exaggerate small mistakes. Do not build a habit out of this! Better: Be aware of your core values – who am I? What is important to me? What is my character and how do I want to be remembered by others? Who is important to me and why? What kind of person do I have to become to be happy in interactions? What do I want to leave after my existence? What can I do better the next time?

Amplify value

We are in the best moment of our lives when we share value, without expecting anything in return. This will amplify the value in your entire life and the positive energy will spread. 

Inspire growth

Everyone is an example for other people. Thus try to be an extraordinary individual, take the initiative, because change starts in first-line with ourselves. Differentiate yourself, make a connection with the world, and help other people to pursue their cause. Note down your beliefs and how you are going to handle the problems of the world in your own unique way. Set yourself high standards. Connect with people who share your values and try together to make the world a better place to be. 

Slowdown time

We have to face life with enthusiasm and to accept the gifts of destiny. Look at the day like a summer vacation next to a river. Do not permit life to slip through your fingers. Learn to live again, because time, attention, rhythm, and energy are limited. If you want to feel more and to enjoy the moment we have to feel intensively with the senses of an animal: observe attentively everything that surrounds you and make breathing exercises.


Motivation requires to declare your personal power and freedom and to be the master of our own life. So we need to follow our own targets and by achieving them we become vital and motivated. Freedom is connected with advance, a strong will, fight, and courage. We can start feeling freedom by training firsthand to feel free in the present moment. We need to take the challenge to realize our dream but to protect ourselves from social pressure and our own. 

Consequently, to amplify motivation you need to work with our mindset, attitudes but also your environment! 


What motivation techniques do you use? Share them with us in the comment box below this article!







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