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Connect to your body – Exercise

Connect to your body – Exercise

To no longer be stuck to an emotion, it would be necessary, in order, to accept it, understand it, analyze it. And then?

All the therapists advocate a return to the body. It is about reconnecting, getting to know him. This treatment of evil with evil depends on each individual. “It can take the form of an activity that is either energetic for those who need to unload their impulses, their tensions (running, intense sports …), or soothing (gentle yoga, walking in nature)”, explains Antoine Pelissolo, psychiatrist. 

Emotivity obviously has a connection with breathing. Everything gets carried away when the suffle crashes. You have to try to work it so that it becomes full and soft. Savario Tomasella, psychoanalyst, specifies: “Meditation or very simple movements of the body – swings, small jumps – calm and free the breathing.

In addition to that, I recommend an artistic activity for very sensitive people. It does not matter which one, as long as it passes through the body: dance, song, painting, fracture … “.Theater and comedy are also cited by Antoine Pelissolo as an excellent antidote:” Taking on a role allows you to experience emotions, keep control without trying to suppress them, to master them in an attempt to kill them. “A playful way of no longer feeling manipulated by them, like the threads that shake puppets of articulates; to cease, with happiness, to be their toy.

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