Dance as a form of empathy

Photo by: Alexandra Abreu

We always watch people, who express themselves through dancing. On their face, one can see how easily they can move and transmit others what they feel.

The language of dance is understood by the two partners, who dance. For many times they look at each other only in the eyes and by this way they know without needing to communicate in another way what they have to do, which steps are following and so they feel carried by the wings of dance.

Because people who can dance are more empathic than others who are not that talented in this field.

But can also non-professional dancers be empathic?

This has also proofed a study by University London and Balearen. They have demonstrated that dancers are not only better at perceiving their own feelings, but their body reacts also more sensitive when they see emotional displaying of other people.

For the study 19 professional dancers were chosen and 24 persons without dancing background.

They were shown short, black & white video clips, without tone. The dancers` faces out of the clips were blurred.

The result of the study was that both groups could identify the facial expressions of the dancers depending on their moves.

But the professional dancers had a more powerful emotional reaction, which was measured by their sweating reaction when they were watching the show.

The study succeeded to proof that by the training of corporal emotional expression like dancing people become more sensitive to the emotional display of other people.

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