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There are moments in which we feel upside down. We cannot take us together. You feel chaotically, you do not know where to start, where your place is.

Thoughts are “kneading” you. Sometimes we are aware why we feel this way. Other times we do not know, not because of a guilt provoking this state. The situation which causes this provokes a lot of confusion. We confront us with a lot of cases, thoughts, and we are forced to make decisions. Sometimes the decisions have time to soak inside us. We can just leave them there for “fermentation”, we can get used to the decision we are up to take.

The decision is very important. It can change our course of life radically. For other times the decision is taken spontaneously, short-breathed and without having thought too much about it. If it is not taken correctly, then you can “blame” time, because it went too fast.

You as a human being have your own motive for “indulgence” with you and especially with your own person. The dialogue between you and you inner person is short and without too many explanations.

But if the decisions make you to live in future, do not forget that the present takes you back to everyday life. Do not forget to live today and now with the things that happen around you. Give attention to the simple things that happen next to you. Only if you are anchored in the present it helps you to project the taken decisions for future!


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