Do things, if they have to be done!

Photo by: Lestexian [샤니아빠]
There are many things you would not need to do them. There has to be always a change. You should start with little things, to be able to make always a step forward. Little and repeated steps could be helpful to you. The politics of big and rapid steps could not fit to you at the beginning. Changes you make could be a path you follow to achieve your ideal.

Here are some ideas, which could help you in this direction:

  1. Do not waste yourself by spending time with useless things! Focus your attention on things, which are vital and important to you and do what you like. The lost time is time or the time you would like to spend in another possible way you cannot recover again.
  2. Do not pass the things you should do right now to a later time point, by trying to push in always to another date.  Try if you have to do things and you do not like them to delegate this or to refuse. Avoid the chain of things which are sticking together and you do not want to do them at all. You will not do them anyway!
  3. Try to inform better from the books you read, which could be helpful to you. Find books which are fitting to you and read regularly.
  4. Filter activities, which are important to you. The pleasant ones: meetings with old friends, time spent with family and so on. The less pleasant ones: Exams at topics you do not like, things you have to do with your family. If we override the borders which make us to feel uncomfortable, we get more flexible in the way we think and in our attitude.
  5. Try to feed yourself according to your needs. The balance of the organism is established slowly and hardly.
  6. Do not wait so long for taking an important decision! The more you avoid taking a decision the more it drags you down, because it is difficult to take. The suitable moment for taking the decision is difficult to pass or you will take hardly over it.
  7. Do not borrow money or do not lend other people money! It is unpleasant to extract the money from the others and the same it is unpleasant to ask for money from someone.
  8. Do not do everything at all! Even if you like to do things on you own, it is good to delegate some of them. Concentrate on the things, which offer you value. It is difficult to leave things you were used to, but it is good to let others to make mistakes, to try and finally to earn experience.
  9. Do not blame the others! When you make a mistake, take responsibility for it and accept the consequences.

Create your own rules and follow them! Be courageous and try to apply them from now on. Not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week … maybe next year. The more you delay things the more difficult it will be to follow!

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