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Do you know how to taste the pleasure of idleness? (Test)

Do you know how to taste the pleasure of idleness? (Test)

In Italian, idleness means doing nothing. This “occupation” can constitute a true art of living during the holidays. Sit down and enjoy the moment with the sole objective of enjoying it. But this talent is not given to everyone. Some can’t bear to sit idly by and wait for time to pass. What is a delight for one is infuriating for another. And you, how do you live this form of idleness?

Do you know how to taste the pleasure of idleness? Test

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Majority of ◼︎: You are pro idleness!

Just the idea of ​​being able to get up in the morning at the time you want, without jostling and having a whole day ahead of you without any constraints, you feel a form of happiness. You long for this haven of peace that allows you to decompress and gradually regain your energy.
You feel this imperative need to take a real break to finally rest and relax. No question of planning your days on vacation, you would lose all the benefit. Above all, you appreciate the change of pace and total relaxation and you have the talent to enjoy it without any ulterior motives. As if the fatigue accumulated during the year were a truly crushing weight for you. What do you find so trying in your life? Could it be a lack of desire, appetite, enthusiasm? Perhaps it would be desirable for you to take new directions in your personal life to prevent this feeling of weariness from settling in for a long time?

Majority of : For you idleness = freedom

Yes, you savor those delicious moments when you allow yourself to do nothing. This feeling of total freedom delights you. Do what you want when you want! You aspire to this all year round and when the holidays arrive, you know that it is finally possible. You find your inner child on the last day of school. You breathe deeply as if the rest of the time you lack a little oxygen. Doing nothing is not your priority objective, but the idea of being able to stay with your nose to the wind without having to be accountable to anyone gives you wings.
Wouldn’t you feel like you’re under too much stress in your life? As if you were being forced to make choices that didn’t really suit you. Behind this thirst for freedom, perhaps hides a difficulty in really taking your life in hand? Try to set goals that not only meet your expectations but also take into account your personal pleasure.

Majority of : Idleness with a hint of guilt

On vacation, you appreciate more than anything the pleasure of being able to offer yourself beaches of tranquility where you are not running after time. You adopt a slower pace which allows you to better enjoy the present moment.
But from there to daring to do nothing, there is a step that you have trouble taking without feeling a depth of guilt. It is difficult for you to manage to really assume idleness. You very quickly have the impression of missing out on interesting things or of living too superficially. In a word, your superego is sometimes a little cumbersome and it tends to prevent you from enjoying good things without a second thought. What is blocking? Maybe it’s the consequences of a somewhat strict upbringing or the fear of letting yourself go? Show more tolerance towards yourself! In moments of idleness, the mind wanders and can, thanks to this, be very creative. Far from being a waste of time, thrilling projects are likely to find their source there…

Majority of ◆ : Idleness in very small doses

Of course, you appreciate on vacation the fact that you no longer feel under pressure. No one is there to submit their demands to you. Well, not quite… because you tend to impose on yourself a return on your time. Doing nothing does not appeal to you. It even seems a bit of a shame to stay with your nose to the wind when so many opportunities are offered to you to take care of yourself in a useful way. In reality, you get bored very quickly in inaction and you sometimes even feel a little contempt for those who are lounging around. You find it difficult to understand them, you who feel the need to occupy your time and your mind, almost permanently. Perhaps this tendency to hyperactivity hides a certain fear of emptiness, of silence? You may feel apprehensive about letting your thoughts wander without channeling them through some activity. What if you wrote down what goes through your head in your rare moments of idleness? You may discover an unsuspected richness there…



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