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Do you want to be happy? Learn to draw boundaries

Do you want to be happy? Learn to draw boundaries

It’s true that learning how to draw boundaries can contribute to your happiness.

In many situations, we feel unhappy because we don’t know when and how to say “no” or put our personal needs and interests before those of other people or other aspects of our lives. This can lead to stress, burnout and resentment.

Drawing boundaries involves learning to say “no” when necessary, express your needs and wants clearly, and take responsibility for your own happiness and well-being.

This can also involve learning to delegate or ask for help when needed, avoid getting involved in draining situations, or prioritize your time and energy effectively.

It’s important to understand that drawing boundaries doesn’t mean being selfish or not caring about others.

Rather, it’s a way to set healthy boundaries in your relationships and situations to protect your well-being and be able to be present and supportive of others in a sustainable way.

In general, learning how to draw boundaries can be a difficult process and doesn’t happen overnight, but it can be a very valuable skill in creating and maintaining a happy and balanced life.