Ebook “Think like a consumer: 100 ultimate marketing strategies driven by psychology”

    The consumer is the most important information source on the market. If you want to create a successful business you must understand what product the consumer prefers, what one needs, and what the obstacles are when one has decided to buy.

    The better you as an entrepreneur know to put yourself into the consumer’s shoes, the higher the chances that your business resists for a long term on the market, because this key information helps you to create and improve products continuously.

    So, collect all the information you receive from your consumers in an organized way in order to be able to find adequate business strategies, which you will afterward implement into your brand and business.

    For this reason, I have considered it useful to present you the ebook Think like a consumer – 100 ultimate marketing strategies driven by Psychology with practical tips and tricks, which you can use to improve your consumer’s experience in a systematic way and build a sustainable and long-lasting brand.

    The following ebook has four main parts:

    Get to know your customer & Maintain customer relationship
    Brand Development
    Product Development
    Tipps & Tricks

    This ebook is designed as a collection of ideas for business growth with a focus on consumers/customers. I make the differentiation between consumers, being part of your target group and customers, which I call clients you already have won for your business.