Dream always together with other people

dream together other people

Obstacles are made to be overcome. There are obstacles we think for many times that we cannot pass them. Courage is everything we need in the majority of moments. Because we have a dream to achieve.

Together with us, we see people, who have dreams on their own, dreams they manage to touch and figure them out well. Because you see them doing things, this motivates you, and they bring you together with them. And so you start to dream together with them. You compare with them because you like the idea to dream. You go along with them because you want to be in their company.

You start on your way from zero. Because it is true this way. You want to build and crush with things you want to understand. You discover every time that there are many things you did not know anything. And then the fears start for you. If you can go on and how? The negative thoughts are starting. Who are you truly? You start to make yourself known if you can face the situation.

But because you like what you do you continue to do what you love. Something in your interior says to you to go on. And therefore you need courage. You lose yourself on the way, make mistakes, fail. But which opinion counts for you? Which is the motivation that makes you go on? Which is the critique that tries to break your wings? And what makes you stop your elan, with which you fly to your dream?

Maybe the fear of standing in a point, because of the “smile” which you try to keep away from those people around you fearing they will discourage you.

Dreams do not become a shape if we lock them in our interior. Dreams dreamt on their own are only dreams. Dreams dreamt together with others become reality in time. Because trough people we manage to give them contour and we find the courage to go along with them.

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