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Everybody of us lives and works it differently. We are enthusiastic about simple things. We are enthusiastic when we have ideas, we are enthusiastic when we meet the success we dream of, we are enthusiastic thinking we will be one day more wealthy.

For me enthusiasm is a facet of my personality, which I work and polish trying to adapt it to the current project in work. I prepare it before playing in my mind different possible and un-possible scenarios. And I start to launch in this work full of enthusiasm and energy.

Enthusiasm is the emotion that overruns happiness far. It is more powerful than our will to push us into a direction. It is the feeling in which you do not take nothing for granted when you like something and work until you are powerless without knowing how much time you have spent, what happens around you, if you want to eat, and you also forget to drink from time to time some water…

You do not think then what is going to happen after that, how much energy and time you spend in this time for this thing and if this brings you a profit or not. It is the power that comes from your inner, a power you were not aware of, it is the inspiration which takes you further, it is the wish to do the thing that attracts you there.

Work done enthusiastically is no work, it is the pleasure to take out of you in an easy manner and to present to the exterior what you actually possess. Everyone of us has enthusiasm. It cannot be bought. You can only put it to the rank of value.

You are enthusiastic when you start something new and it does not matter if it is private or professional space. You do not see anything which can stop you from your way. Everything is beautiful, pink, nice packed up. There is no problem anymore. Then comes a phase of recovery to normal life, in which you are confronted with daily problems, people making you a bad day, your plans do not fit anymore to what you have dreamed of, you are refused, doors crashing into your face, agony and you need no food anymore…

But you as individual have a will, which is at the beginning on your side. And you think that if you continue this way this will not bring you anywhere and you independently how flexible you are you cannot take the step with it. You want to take a step back until you do not invest more into what you like to do. Your energy sinks. You are tired and do not want anything.

But together with the start of a new day you come up which a new try. Another idea. Another start. You are quickly enthusiastic but now you are afraid not to loose it that quickly.

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