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Evaluate your fitness – Test

Evaluate your fitness – Test

Good physical condition is the result of a balance between suppleness, strength and endurance. This test will allow you to know your strengths. And the activities that suit you best.

Evaluate your form - Test

Points count: Add up your ◼︎, ● and ▲ and, depending on the majority obtained, refer to the profile that corresponds to you.


You get a majority of ●

You are not very fit

It is obvious that you are not moving enough. There is therefore no need to engage in violent or high endurance sports, your body would not resist it. To rediscover the pleasure of moving, it is better to start slowly. You are more interested in working on posture to strengthen your balance and stretching to improve your flexibility. You will see, little by little, you will take pleasure in it.


You get a majority of ◼︎

You’re in shape

You are used to moving regularly and do not have insurmountable difficulties, but some points can be improved. For example, increase the length of your endurance sessions. Breathing capacity is key to staying healthy. You can also work on stretching to improve your flexibility. The important thing is to balance flexibility, breath and muscular work.


You get a majority of ▲

You are very fit

Take advantage of this good physical condition to choose a new fulfilling activity: rich on the relational level, suitable to channel your energy, to refocus you, to promote your spontaneity. Continue in this way, you will gain longevity and maintain your good health.

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