In every experience there are hidden opportunities

Photo by: Mary Lee Hahn

I like to believe. I believe in every experience even if it is positive or negative. And I believe that every experience hides its opportunities in itself. For this reason every time i make a new experience I try to discover what this lecture offers to me at a certain time, what I can make out of it and if it helps me to apply in future. 

Situations differ from each other and everyone of us understands and values them as one considers at a certain time point. But the mistakes we make when we take a decision have more value than we can think of. We always learn from them. Every lecture we take makes the unpleasant things of our lives to motivate us to look at life with other eyes. We should see that there is somewhere a new image of the push to continue. 

So that I ask myself every time when I live a new experience: “what opportunities does this bring with it?” And if I can use it or not in my personal evolution. And what would it be if we human lived only positive experiences? What would be the scope to be provoked by living negative experiences? 

I strongly believe that a negative event can create a multitude of positive experiences. I learned over time that there are no things that you cannot do if you really want it. But it is up to you, to your personality and how much you can reprocess in your interior what you actually have. But if you are able to understand that your inner force is unlimited and to discover it then you can realize a lot if things. But it depends only on you and your way to understand how things work.

These things cannot be learned like a school`s lesson. They are just happen to us in life if we are prepared for them or not. You are confronted with a finished deal and you have to make your way as you can, with what you have and from the point you stand

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