Exchange a bad habit with a good one. This will change your life.

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Good habits and bad habits. All of us have them. We are all aware of the fact that we have to do something but it is very difficult to change and accept them.

Sometimes by acting mechanically we form some habits. Because our daily activity is everyday the same. The course of our actions is mostly every time the same following the same flux. The habits you take on are very easily formed. It is easy to form bad and good habits – there is no difference.

We always ask ourselves the same kind of things: Why do we form such habits? Sometimes we are aware of the fact that we take them on other times we form them by action and reaction. They do not spring from our inner part like a sneeze or a cough. They do not come instinctively. Habits we form do not just happen to us. Maybe we form them, because of events we went through and we cannot overcome them.

For example I started to smoke, because I was nervous and I have not found in that moment another solution to escape this mood.  Once adopted the smoking habit you start keep on it. And to encourage it at the beginning as something new in your life and then something you find a relief in and later on something which makes you addicted and you feel that from now you cannot live without smoking. You are addicted and search at every problem or part of your time an escape to there.

We remember then in time and start to play the movie by searching the cause by which you took the decision to this habit. Do we accept it in our life from now on or are we going to do something against it? And here the struggle with you is just starting. How to work on yourself to be able to abolish it? Are there any solutions? And if yes, which one is suitable for you? Is there a magic pill which can take you out of this struggle? This is what you say to yourself when you discover that it has gone to far.

To abolish a smoking habit depends only on you. How powerful are you to fight against it? There are no magic solutions, there is no magic over night possible. There is only what you wish to happen or not.

There are people who like to continue their smoking habit even if physicians give them an ultimatum. Half of you fights with the other who does not want to make this change, here the resistance is opponent. If half of you is for this change it is more easily to sustain the acceptance struggle with yourself. You have to change by exchanging the cigarette probably at the beginning with another habit, which is less toxic for you. You have to go step-by-step because you will not make it radically at the beginning.

You test the new habit and see if after a time period this makes a change in your life. Are you feeling better? With more energy? More creative? More relaxed? More optimistic? Healthier? Less fussy? Do you want to continue or not? It is only up to you.


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