Our exterior appearance is a part of our ego

exterior appearance
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We people are too focused on our exterior appearance. We are confronted in front of a mirror with images which we imagine in our mind in another way. We do not wish them and because of this there is a conflict between the images which we carry out with ourselves.

Since our image has appeared in front of a mirror we have started to confront ourselves with imperfections (haircut, thick hips, imperfect teint). Without wanting our thought carries us always there, and having an obsession that something is not ok with us.

An American study analysed this obsessive barrier by saying that we look almoust 71 times per day into the mirror and focusing to much on how we look and this has a negative effect on our thinking.

The way of looking at things differs from culture to culture. The pressure we expose ourselves when we try to overcome our limits is big. We like to be similar to another culture, because we are frightened not to be excluded from the society we want to be part of without thinking about consequences. The fear not to be perceived different by the other culture makes us to assume risks. Risks we bring at the edge.

Because a woman from a culture felt different from the western culture, she decided not to look into a mirror for a longer time period. Because she was not prepared for the new challenge. And this only why she wanted to look great at her wedding. She found this alternative for the situation she was in she inspired herself by reading a book. The obsession by caring about how she looked like had to be kept under control.

From the variety of the studies on this problematic of our self-acceptance brings up another interesting study carried out at the end of the 90s. There were two groups of participants: one in swimming cloths and the other wearing blouses; both groups had to solve mathematical tasks. those in swimming cloths had poorer results why? Because the way we people feel when we do things leaves a print on our daily activities.

Consequently, we have to accept our imperfections and to be more indulgent how we make our exterior appearence. We have to be aware that our exterior appearance is only a small part, which does not count always that much, from what we are as entire humans.

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