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Finding yourself and with others – Part I

Finding yourself and with others – Part I

Do you love your body? Do you know how to assert yourself? Are you looking for security, identity or meaning? What role do you play in your family, with your friends? That of a victim? tyrant or judge? Now is the time to take a point. With yourself and with those around you. Without concessions, but always with indulgence. And whatever the results, reconcile yourselves thanks to our lessons of internal peace.

Living in harmony with oneself and with others

To find oneself, to be in agreement with oneself, as close as possible to one’s desire and values to live more authentic and richer relationships with others. Such is the condition of our psychic balance and of our personal development.

Get to know each other better, identify our emotions, have self-confidence, see clearly in the thick of our feelings .. What navel-gazing! some will exclaim. Wrong, because taking a little time to stop and dive into yourself is not a selfish approach. In reality, it is exactly the opposite. Taking a break to search our fears and our desires, anchor ourselves in the present moment and prepare ourselves to the meeting with the other, is the triple prerequisite essential to a life rich in meaning and real choices. The better we know each other, the less we weight on others, the more responsible we become, and the better we love and communicate.

To be reborn to one’s desire. 

Diane Dreher teaches at the University of Santa Clara in California, she specializes in personal development. In her book, Finding Your Way, she emphasizes the notion of rebirth. For this, she invites her readers, her students, and all those who attend her workshops, to meditate on their childhood, to list what makes them vibrate, to face their fears or to find time to take a point … So many invitations are about the sorting out between what weighs down and tarnishes life, and what lightens it and makes it more vibrant. The goal: to accompany everyone on their internal paths so that the click occurs. The one who confirms an intuition as well as the one who brings about the change. This is how over the course of awareness can emerge our personal needs as well as our refusals. Without active introspection, no the responses. “Awareness gives another vision of the problem, breaks the deadlock, reduces impotence. It helps us to get out of ruts, to extract us from painful states, it opens our intelligence and our sensitivity by pushing us to live in a way free and more creative “, write Marhe Marandole and Genevieve Lefebre, both trainers and mediators.


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