Your future has the root in your present

Photo by: Celestine Chua

I try to do things. The enrollment of their course is not written within a well-organized and prepared scenario. I do them, because I have to do so, or I try to put them off, if it is not necessary.

I learn on my skin, if I do them right or if I succeed to understand always from them where I make a mistake or not. I realize to keep a majority of today`s connections, I realize that I have to do my job as good as possible. I is not necessary waste my time and what is surrounding me.

I realize that if I give individual time to me as well I can have better results. And this is still in my power in the here and now. If I manage to keep all these things going that means that they will runs for long term the same way. Their result will be seen in future. A future I build now and in the days that will come. I try and like to maintain to succeed in putting these into practice.

I try to build from now. What is happening in the current phase represent only some drafts. A foundation needs much time and a lot of work to put in. The results are not seen immediately, they need tenancy work and a daily put in effort. But it has to be done.

Compare this with a preparing of a course. You try step by step to build it. In your mind travel a lot of strategies and ideas. You start to give a shape to it. And you are happy. You come on and every step gives you trust to go on. It is something, it is concrete. You look and learn to step with a greater trust. You get positive news and you are helped and learn new things. You give to yourself another price, you are on another way, another that you did not know before. The more you come to the very end the more you discover that it worked. That you have done something and are content with what you have realized.

It is easy, because you have to learn that if you want to obtain something you have to start to build from today. The principle is a simple one: You do not prepare anything you will not have anything in future.


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