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Get rid of negative thoughts

Get rid of negative thoughts

Let’s identify the wrong thoughts

We entertain thoughts which, when we are unaware, turn out to be wrong. Fortunately, the events we are going through help us detect them. If we do not succeed, other situations will allow us to bring them to light. So it is possible to have many poorly paid jobs before you can understand that it has negative consequences on money. The situation can repeat itself until we come to realize our harmful thoughts.

Identify beliefs

Beliefs are not always easy to detect as we have grown used to living with them. They are part of our daily life without our realizing it. For example, we may believe that beauty facilitates success. If we think we are beautiful, we will not be offended. On the other hand, if we feel that we are not, our success is not guaranteed. By finding out that these are beliefs, we can see if they are consistent with what we want to experience. If this is not the case, we have the possibility to change it.

Identify personal beliefs

We can create our own beliefs. For example, we may believe that we have no such creative talent or that we are the best in the business. It is not that we believe these opinions to be true. On the other hand, the fact of believing in them leads to their realization. The beliefs that we maintain are verified. If we believe that we are irresistible, we will certainly have a lot of interpersonal skills. And that is not a problem. But if we believe that we are zero at foreign languages, we run a high risk of being so. So, we can be badly paid because we believe we deserve a good salary. It is when we become aware of a belief that is wrong, or that does not suit us, that we can change it.

Identify our constraints

Constraints are easier to spot. These are all the precepts that usually begin with: I must, I must … These are also all the popular maxims or sayings that we heard during our childhood and adolescence and that we have stored in our memory. All these formulas act as internal directives that we strive to respect, without verifying if they are really founded. Very often, they are useless and generate only obstacles which it is good to get rid of. For example, “The future belongs to people who wake up early” is inaccurate for many professions and yet this quote continues to exert pressure on many people.

Replace negative thoughts

When we realize that some thoughts are wrong, we no longer believe them. On the other hand, others are more difficult to fight because their roots are deeper in us. Replace them with a positive formula. For example, let’s transform – “I’m not fast” into “My speed is improving day by day”. The method works!

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