Have you heard of the brain’s “buy now”-button?

brain buy now button

Yes, this neurological “buy now”-button really exists. According to London`s researchers, it could be proved that when we are about to purchase something there is a specific region of the brain, which is activated.

When we are about to take the decision to buy, we first have to be convinced emotionally, if the option is right for us. The Limbic System, named “the emotional brain” sends then a feedback to the pre-frontal cortex, where the rational decision making takes place.

Revolutionary about the Londons`study was the following thing: Researchers found that there are buy now“-brain cells, which are activated by a specific design of the “buy now”-button. The design contains a specific color and the use of a specific font. The research group holds the copyright for the design button and promises that the sales conversion rates climb from 1% to 98% for those, who use it on their websites. If you decide to give it a try, you have to pay 1 pound per transaction to the research group.

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So, what do you think about the “buy now”-button? Would you try it out?

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