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How do we do more together again?

How do we do more together again?

An animal project connects

Animals can ensure that couples do more together again. If both feel like taking care of a dog, for example, this automatically leads to longer walks together, possibly to attending a dog school and to contact with other dog owners.

Together for a good cause

Perhaps you would like to take care of a monument together, show tourists around town, or find a babysitter to babysit occasionally. Such activities are fun, fulfilling and easily enjoyed as a couple .

Explore something new

Hobbies often come about by chance. So if you both feel like exploring new things, you should go about the world with open minds. Visit exhibitions on subjects unfamiliar to you (gemstones, cactus cultivation, antiques), consumer fairs or amateur theatre .Every experience can be the impetus for a new leisure activity, which then becomes a common hobby.

Combine interests

With some hobbies, different interests can be reconciled. In the allotment garden, for example, occasional hobbyists can let off steam just as much as leisure gardeners. The same applies to sports in which there are mixed male and female teams (e.g. fistball, bowling), who usually play or train at different levels of intensity.

Count feelings

Don’t worry, many couples are happy together for life precisely because each has their own space. What counts is the feelings that both of you have for each other, rather than the sum of the hours spent together. Joint excursions or occasional meetings with friends can be just as fulfilling as a hobby.