How do we take a decision?

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Every time we take a decision maybe for a while we go along with it. If in meanwhile, another perspective rises we try to adapt by changing the old decision or we remain loyal to the taken decision until the end.

Sometimes we take the decision to become vegetarians. We go with it for a while but the benefits of veganism do not fill our stomach. So we tend to retake our old culinary habits with which we were used to even if we have imposed other life rules.

Every one of us believes that one is a reasonable and tolerant person, who gets along with the others in the majority of cases. And over this, we find ourselves in situations, in which we argument and fight. How do we then change our decision to believe about us that we are not as we seem to be?

We are all forced to take decisions in a way or another. Decisions which we once took we considered to be good for our life. For many times we have surprised ourselves and have fallen into the same trap in which we believed that the decisions which we have taken are better and more valuable than the decisions, which someone else has taken in a similar situation.

The reality is that ever one lives with the consequences of one own decision.

And when other people make decisions for you those tend not to reflect the aspirations to which you target.

And we ask ourselves for many times: Why do we tend to put our point of view to the front about a topic to the other people in our environment?

Maybe for our individualism. Maybe for a short moment, it is difficult to accept and recognize that we also make mistakes. And that from morning to evening in our life we are the center of our own universe.

2 thoughts on “How do we take a decision?

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      Every decision that you take for the moment is 100% good but in time you see that was not the best choice.
      Sametime we must take a decision because time puts you under pressure.
      Sometimes even a bad decision is important and better than no decision.
      That’s my opinion…

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        thank you for your comment! When we take a decision we cannot know from the start if it is good or bad. In time we come up with its results and we are happy or sad if it does not work as we have proposed ourselves. If people we knew what is going to happen and how things work out probably we would have to wait long for taking a good decision.

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