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According to the automation software,  buffer Facebook still keeps the lead on the most popular Social Media Sites in 2019. Many businesses focus to target their audience through Facebook Ads, but there are still possibilities to reach out to your tribe through other strategies which cost no penny. For those of you, who have a small budget and or want to test the market without investing too much money, here I have prepared for you the strategies you can use on Facebook to promote your business:

Create a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is a great way to connect with your customers or prospects. You can do this either via your Personal Facebook Page or your Facebook Fan Page. The Facebook Fan Page allows you to keep your interactions on a professional level, while the Personal Page is created to have personal chats. It is up to you how you decide to use both of them or only one, work on creating strong relationships and to offer people the possibility to get to know the person behind the brand.

Keep your Facebook Fan Page up to date

When people want to get to know your business, they will take a look at your Facebook Page. There they can see where your company is located, which opening hours you have, what you post on that Page about your activity and how often you do this, and how content other customers are with the products you sell. So this is very important for the first impression you leave.

Find connections in Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups offer great possibilities for networking. Search for Groups, which can be relevant for your business and ask them for membership. Once you are in, try to get involved in the discussion and in time people will recognize your name. Offer advice and thought and be helpful, for how many times you can. In time you will be able to convert your fans into customers.

Create your own Facebook Group

Personalize your own Facebook Group and build a tribe around your brand. Add members, post things, and stimulate active discussions. Hereby you can meet people interested in your brand and products and possibly new customers.

Create an Event Page

If you are going to plan an event or be a speaker at an event or holding a webinar, the Facebook Event Page is the right choice. You can also invite friends and people from the groups you are part of.

Post Content of Facebook Fan Page and Personal Page

It is a good idea to cross-promote your blog posts on your Facebook Fan Page and Personal Page and to ask your friends to promote your stuff on their page because in this way you will establish interesting connections and new opportunities.

Leave People a Message

Many people nowadays do not check their email that often compared to their Facebook Messages. So it might be a great idea to reach out to people you want to connect to through Facebook Messenger and to leave your message there.

Take advantage of the Facebook Video Live Stream

Talk to your fans live through Facebook Video Live Stream. Your impact will be bigger, because of the unpredictability of live video. They will be eager to stay focused longer on what you want to transmit to them, compared to pre-recorded videos.


All strategies have in common to work on the relationship between you and your clients. Have you already considered these options for your business promotions? If yes, give this post a Like on Facebook!

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