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LinkedIn is one of the most important professional platforms when it comes to networking, job searching, recruiting or business purposes. There are more than 65 Million business professionals on LinkedIn. So far I have not used it very much, so I want to learn today together how we can use LinkedIn more efficiently in order to advance professionally. The first step is to create a professional profile on LinkedIn, where people can find out more about your curriculum vitae. If you own a company it is also useful to create a LinkedIn company page. This page will be automatically linked to your profile resume.

But how can you use LinkedIn to promote yourself or your business?

  • Keep your LinkedIn account updated and create connections:
    • Display your products and services: people interested in that kind of services will be able to find you and get in touch with you.
    • Connect with people in your niche: So you will be able to contact their connections, too. Your network will grow in this way, but also your potential client base.
    • Display reviews on your business page to increase the credibility also for others to make business with you.
  • Involve yourself actively in your business promotion:
    • Post periodically status updates: Tell your audience what projects you are working on and for who. Spread the news and help other people by solving their problems.
    • Try Showcase Pages: They are like Subdomains of your Company Page. So you can give an insight into specific areas of your business like your brand or a new initiative.  You can create 10 different Showcase Pages.
    • Use Multi-Languages Tools: This is especially useful when you are planning to extend your business globally.
    • Join groups in your niche of interest: Participate in discussions and respond to their questions. Do not exaggerate with posts on your business.
    • Send messages and invitations to persons in your network and other group members: Take care of professional connections, which are mutually beneficial to both partners.
    • Try out LinkedIn Marketing or LinkedIn Premium for widening your options: You can upgrade on “career”, “business”, “sales” and “hiring”. There is a free month of trial.

How have you used LinkedIn so far and what has been the most efficient strategy? Just leave a comment in the box below.


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