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Twitter is a less used social media channel in Europe, but I recently discovered some really interesting tools you can use to develop your business. For this reason, I decided to write this article about how to use Twitter, how to build your business network through it and how to communicate with your followers.

First of all, you should be aware of: “What do I want to achieve with Twitter?”

  • Build Company Brand
  • Generate Leads
  • Increase Visibility of Blog
  • Research of materials

Secondly, ask yourself: “Which is my passion?”

  • Try to tweet information around your passion to attract also other passionate people

Thirdly: “How do I want to be seen through Twitter?”

  • Once you know how you want to be seen, then you will know what materials to tweet and in which kind of tone
  • Elaborate your Twitter strategy in conformity with your goal and passion

Fourthly: “How to use Twitter”

  • Learn Twitter Terminology: Post means Tweet, Repost from another source means Retweet RT, Trending Tweets TT are hot subjects at a certain timepoint, give a like by offering a star.
  • Choose a suitable account name, brand, persona and a good profile picture
  • Find niche related keywords by Google Keyword Planner
  • Research your hashtags – words you put a # in front of it – choose maximal two per tweet to come into contact and engage in conversations with people with similar interests. Useful tools for hashtag research are: Twitter Toolbar,, Topsy, Twitter Reach, and Social Mentions
  • Include researched keywords in the description of your twitter profile and publish Twitter ID on other Social Media Platforms or email Signature

Fifthly: “How to build your Business Network on Twitter”

  • Check out Twitter Tools to find out who to follow or by whom you want to be followed – Insightpool, Tweepi, Twitonomy, Twtrland 
  • You can follow maximum 2000 followers and hope that you are also followed back (rule of reciprocity)
  • Every time you find a tweet interesting you give a favorite and hope that you are followed by these uses (rule of favorite)
  • You give users something when they are following you e.g. a valuable ebook for them
  • Watch Twitter Lists to discover: influencer, relevant conversations, focus on relevant stuff and people
  • Make strong documentation before you transmit something through twitter to guarantee a qualitative following
  • Use Tweetdeck and Hootsuite to discover what is told about you, your company or your industry

Sixthly: “How to communicate with your Followers on Twitter”

  • Create original and various, informative and entertaining content in conformity with your goal
  • Help yourself also by keywords research and Twitter Lists
  • Be creative in writing original titles
  • Tweet periodically, more times a day, and be consistent – for automatization use Buffer
  • Retweet content you like – you can do it via the Retweet Button or click on Reply button under the tweet, copy – paste the content and put an @ sign in front of the author’s name.
  • Use direct tweets to transmit personal messages to a single person in order to build strong relationships – you can use @replys (reply button under the tweet), or via direct messages
  • Check your reach on social media through:,,,


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