How is it to be perceived with charm?

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Woman`s charm can open doors. It can open hearts. It can open locks.

Women are in most cases aware of what they possess. For this reason in limited situations they try to help themselves by this.

How would it be to be helped by charm when you have a meeting? When you besides what you are inherited to use also your charisma? Without making anything out of order, and nevertheless to be pushed to the front raw. Life situations have put you in many cases so that you have figured out how you are perceived by colleagues and partners. You have been in negotiation situations, and you have had the chance to see how you are perceived. From your side you may have said that it is not ok at all, but the feedback has shown you other results. What you can obtain by your charm, if you wish it?

A study by the psychologist Laura Kray from the University of California, has put under question what potential a charming woman has in business. For this reason she used in 5 experiments case studies and roles plays in sales situations.

It has been proofed that women had been perceived as pleasant business partners and that they have been able to convince the others by using their charm.

The business success was not guaranteed only by charm. When the masculine partners made a good offer to them, they were not impressed by this in the majority of the cases.

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