How men vs. women use social media

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Men and women differ in many ways: what they prefer, how they behave and even how they understand things. So I assume that there is also a difference in how they use social media channels and which ones they prefer. According to a study conducted by Microsoft men and women use social media for the same scope but showing different behaviors. So in this article, I want to juxtapose these differences by using the following chart:

Women Men
Less password use to protect device Using strong and different passwords for high security
Communicate with clients
Share documents and information – prioritize content over functionality
Share pictures and posts often Share pictures and posts less
Limit personal information Limitless personal information
Majority of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest users are women, so they prefer visual platforms Spend much time on YouTube, Forums and text platforms
Spend much time on social media Spend less time on social media, but use it concentrated for researching competition and growing networks
Use more emoticons Formulate longer words and propositions
Post portrait photos Post full body photos


Now that you have this info summarized, how will you adapt your marketing campaign and how will you retarget your audience?

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