How social media helps you at the workplace

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    Many employers criticize that employees spend too much time on social media while being at work, pretending that they actually avoid working and spend their time instead of in a more pleasant way. But there are also motives that encourage this behavior at work. So I want to outline how employees can use virtual communication channels as work tools to perform more efficiently and to obtain even a better result in what they are doing.

    How social media helps at the workplace

    1. Social Media fills short breaks

    Who has not experienced this situation: you have worked concentrated for over 45 minutes on writing a report. After that, you feel that you cannot focus that well on the task. What do you do? Take a short break and check what is new on Social Media? Right, this helps you to disconnect for a short time (5 minutes) from your current tasks and you are then able to continue your work, being even more productive.

    2. Suitable for networking 

    Employees who use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other channels actively for networking profit from better professional opportunities and can be valuable for companies. The employers can benefit from their connections and get to the right people in a shorter timeframe.

    3. Great for problem-solving tasks

    If you work on a certain task and stumble upon an obstacle, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Yes, put a question on a certain group and receive suggestions on your problem in a short time. Social Media Groups work similarly to forums.

    4. Strengthens relationships

    Employees who work together are usually also friended virtually and interact there. This helps to transfer a professional relationship into the private sector and to build a better organizational culture.

    5. Great for PR

    It offers Employers the chance to expose “the company life” to others and give them an insight into what it means to work for the corporate XY. Usual posts are recognition of outstanding performance, work anniversaries, hiring, retirement or other company events.


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