How to create a video and post it on Youtube

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Video content is the future of online marketing. But many of us fear to expose themselves through video, because they think that their videos are not good enough to go online on the Web. A good start can be Youtube, because it offers you the possibility to expose self-produced videos, that can vary from casual homestyle to super professional high quality.

But how to create a video and post it on Youtube?

Step 1: Find a topic for your Video

Are you going to set up a personal Vlog? Or do you want to produce game-related videos? Tutorials? Montages? Pet Videos? Reviews? Or Comedy Videos? No matter what you are deciding on, you have to set this as a first step so that you know how you will structure the content of your Video for Youtube.

Step 2: Define the montage of the Video

Think how you want to make the concept of your video. Do you want to appear as a talking head? Or show physical exercises? Or do you only want to present a Powerpoint Presentation in combination with images? Or even a Screenshot of you exemplifying how to use a software? Spend some minutes and make yourself a clear idea how your video should look like?

Step 3: Write yourself a script

Before you start to film you should have a clear understanding of what you will transmit your audience and in which kind. Some people prefer to write everything that they will say down other people note only the main ideas down using bullet points. You will have to try both both options down and see what works better for you.

Step 4: Step up your filming equipment

Organize yourself thinking which tools you need for light, sound and filming: set up your lamps, place the microphone in front of you and define your filming device – your video camera, mobile phone or computer.  Try different placements of your equipment and see what is working better for you.

Step 5: Action!

Put your script next to you and start to film yourself. Especially at the beginning you will need to take a few more takes until you will be satisfied with your result. After you have finished, save the file. Optionally you can edit image and audio and include more elements to the video file.

Step 6: Upload it on Youtube

Once your file is ready, create yourself a Youtube Account and use the Upload Button to be able to put your very first Video online. Congratulations! You are done.

More information on video production you find here:


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