How to create eye-catching ads

eyes-catching ads marker
Photo by: Juliana Coutinho

Nowadays it is quite difficult to capture people`s attention. We live in a world, in which our attention focus gets very easily dispersed by the immense information volume we are bombarded every day.

Just when you open Facebook in the morning (to see, what is new), your timeline is overfilled with posts of your friends and their friends, so you will surely switch over them and will not start to read every post, because you would spend too much time for it.

This is a challenge marketer are facing when creating their ads.

How to create ads, which will make people take a stop from switching away? How to wake their interest in finding out more about their product?  There are surely some ideas they can apply.

Yes, there are! For this reason, I designed the following infographic to give you a starting point in how to improve your ads for making them more eye-catching.

Well, you can use physically intense clues, that means present your ad’s message in a big, noisy and colorful way. It is up to your creativity, how you will implement this!

Besides that, you should find a way to touch people`s emotions – children but also erotics are proven to evoke emotions!

And do not bore people out – instead, put your creativity to test and surprise them!

Another useful tip is to take care how you design your ad – the following picture shows you how to order images and text within an ad:

(Janiszewski, 1990)

Hopefully, you will find an inspiration and will play around with one or the other idea.

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