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Since I have started to blog (about 3 years ago) I found it difficult to maintain a periodicity in writing. There were periods at the beginning of my blogging activity when I wrote 2-3 articles once but with the organization of other projects, I recognized that it is quite difficult to post regularly. So I tried different strategies out to see how I can find time to write on the blog and in this article I want to share them with you:

  1. Install a WordPress Editorial Plugin: This plugin allows you to schedule different posts and to have an overview of how many posts you have already in preview and when you have to write again.
  2. Schedule in google calendar fixed days for creating articles: For me, this has worked in 80% of cases. Of course, there are always exceptions when something unexpected occurs and you cannot write in the prescheduled time. I use the timeframes as an orientation but write flexible during that day.
  3. Have a list of topics: This strategy has been very effective for me because I always wasted time researching what to write about instead of actually starting to write. You should organize yourself with a list of topics – either you have some topics of interest in your mind or you research blog articles publishing ideas for blog posts as inspirational sources.
  4. Write during dead times: Besides your organization of posting at least on two days of the week, you can also write massively posts during dead times, that means when you are on a travel and you do not have to drive when other people are away and you have some free time and silence or at the early morning or late evening.
  5. Write when you are in the mood of writing: No matter how many scheduled posts you have, if you have no inspiration or motivation – you will not produce qualitative content in your article. period.
  6. Write about what you are passionate: You will recognize that it takes less time to write an article you really enjoy yourself and you will be also more content with the result.

Which strategies do you use to guarantee yourself a regular blog activity? I am curious to find them out! Follow me on Social Media and leave a comment below this post. Thank you!

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