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How to find your own learning style

How to find your own learning style

Every person learns in a different way, has one’s own speed and level. There are many contextual factors that influence your learning style, like your educational background, your capacity to digest information and to make connections with other things you already know, and your own personal abilities. So, you need to adapt your own personal learning style to your needs as a human being. Moreover, you need to find yourself in a positive state of mind, otherwise, no technique will help you out to assimilate and apply a new domain successfully.

In order to personalize your learning style you need to consider three dimensions:

  • Sources: Books, (free online courses from Universities), Wikipedia, Blogs, Forums
  • Methods: Training, Individual Learning, Simulations, Games, Videos, Tutorials, Coaching, Mentorship
  • Opportunities for Application: Voluntary, Teams, Workplace, Individual Project, Freelancing, Competitions, Events, Social Groups, Summer Camps, Educational Projects, Conferences…

Think about your past experiences and find out the strategies that have helped you to assimilate new material in school. Note them down and complement them with suitable methods from the three dimensions listed above. It is very important to cover each of them in your learning process otherwise your learning experience will be not sustainable. 

What kind of learning strategies worked for you so far? Let us know in a comment and inspire others to try things out! 

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