Learn how to manipulate a person

learn manipulate person


Some people seem to get all that they want. They just have to ask for something and it is already theirs. And you may try to figure out, how they make it. Magic? Maybe not at all, they know how to use some manipulation techniques and apply them in daily life. 

I was curious to discover some manipulation techniques and to share them with you in the following post. 

  1. Learn to master your emotions and to capture people’s attention on your exaggerated expressions of your feelings. You can practice these abilities through acting and practicing your emotional intelligence.
  2. Practice your conviction competencies by taking part in debates or by taking part in public speaking courses. 
  3. Use your body language to mirror the other person’s body expression. This is a kind of subtle way to approach yourself to another person, but very essential in influencing people.
  4. Train your charisma! Try to make your face shine, smile and have an open attitude and body language when someone approaches you. This includes establishing eye contact, to ask people about feelings and interests. Overall try to give other people an impression of self-confidence! 
  5. Find role models and copy their behavior. This is the surest way to obtain also what they do!
  6. Make first a proposal, which the other person will surely reject, then propose something more reasonable. The second proposal will be accepted by 100 percent. 
  7. Ask someone to do something unusual, then ask him or her to help you in the cause that matters to you. 
  8. Evoke firstly fear in a person, then come up with the saving solution. The person will give you want. 
  9. By making a person feel guilty, you will find another tactic to get what you want. 
  10. Make a gift in return for something you have received. People will feel that they have to give you something in exchange. 
  11. Play the victim.

Which manipulation strategies do you use? Maybe you want to share them here in a comment?

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