How to persuade anyone by using a single sentence

persuade single sentence


Persuasion is according to the DEX dictionary “the action, the gift, or the power to convince someone to believe, think, or do something.

It is a very interesting topic because it fascinates many of us to discover the magic of getting what we want from anyone. But if you still struggle to discover a way in which you can be more convincing than I have good news, maybe it is not your fault.

This topic also captured my attention while I was reading an article by Blair Warren, with the title “persuasion course in a single sentence” so I read it breathlessly. It was very revelating to me and for this reason, I also wanted to share the key points of the article with you:

  • Magical things in your life are basically simple things you put correctly into practice. That is where the magic comes from.
  • Compared to magicians, who make use of simple principles, persuasion experts proceed the same.
  • Ask 100 different persuasion experts and you will receive 100 different responses.
  • There is one single sentence, which summarizes the essential steps and guides you in almost every situation you can imagine helping you be more convincing.
  • Read the sentence and formulate it in your own words, so that it fits your personal life experiences.


People will do ANYTHING for those who encourage their dreams, motivate their failures, calm their fears, confirm their whims and help them throw stones at their enemies.

If we break the sentence into its components we will have the principles of persuasion and conviction:

  • Encourage dreams
  • Motivate failures
  • Calm fears
  • Confirm whims
  • Help throw stones at their enemies

Many important historical figures have made use of these principles of persuasion from Hitler, to Jim Jones, David Kores, and Marshall Applewhite.  Nowadays also Marketers, Sales People, Seducers, Evangelists, and Comedians are making use of them.

  • Every strong relationship is founded on at least one of these principles
  • Like in magic everything in persuasion is reduced to the correct application of these principles
  • What is missing in this sentence? YOU! There is no word about your wishes, your needs, your hopes or your worries. And there is no word about what you are thinking – Everything is about the other person.
  • When we are focusing on the basic principles of human nature, we succeed to create relations in which people wish naturally to make things for us. This is the real secret for obtaining what you want.
  • When we fulfill a need of a person, we establish a strong connection and a natural wish of reciprocity.
  • When you are alone you have to figure out exactly what you want to obtain, in which way and in what situations. When you have a plan in your mind you interact with people, you focus your attention on the other person. Your wishes will find their own way through the interpersonal interaction.
  • Nietzsche declared that the message of many books can be summarized in a single paragraph without losing its value.


What do you think about Blair`s theory? Would you give it a try in your life? I think I will definitely try to adapt it to my life situations.

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