How you see yourself and how others see you (Part I)

see you yourself

How do others see me?” I do not know if you have put yourself this question before.

“I do not care!” You might say.

But knowing the way others see you can reveal you a number of interesting information about you and can help you in your personal development.

I know myself! Really?

It does not matter how good you think you know yourself, there are certain aspects of the personality you are not aware of. Moreover, according to the self-enhancement theory, we conclude from the way we behave our “talents” and think we are more talented than other people. For example, if you like to criticise you might think you are a philosophical talent. But are you objectively seen better than, other people with similar abilities?

We come to such conclusions about our person because we cannot see ourselves objectively, we cannot see ourselves from the outside of our body!

Why is it important to get to know how others see us?

Simply, this knowledge makes our navigation in the social world easier. We know how to behave and how to correct our behavior when we are surrounded by other people. In other situations, this change of perspective can also help you to observe and understand other people in a more efficient way.

The way you see yourself and how others see you reveal the following information about yourself…
A – Public: What other people and I know about myself⇐           Feedback  B – Blind Spot: What only other people know about myself
C – Private: What only I know about myselfD – Subconscious: What neither I nor others know about myself.


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