I free myself with self-hypnosis (Part I)

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Grace to hypnosis we put into movement our capacity of self-healing. Accessing a hypnotic trance you are able to concentrate on everything. Self-hypnosis is a natural state because we know when we dream with open eyes when our spirit escapes. Here are 2 exercises, which help us to escape a difficult state.

Exercise from a “secure” place – to put yourself on shelter 

It is practiced when you feel anxious, stressed, aggressed by your environment but also to anticipate a situation, which makes us worries.

How is it done?

Install yourself on a couch with closed eyes. Let in your imagination come up a picture from a place or a virtual place, in which you feel secure. Let all the sensations connected to this place: colors, smells, sounds, tastes, and textures. Say to yourself that this place is included in you and that you can come back every time there and that no person can enter there.

Why does this help?

This exercise gives you the feeling that you have a solution to conquer fear at the moment they come up. There is also an inner security and power, which encourages us to look at the world differently, to consider that there are fewer threats and that we have to be more open to discover peace.

Exercise “Tree” – to find a direction

It is practiced when you face trouble to find your place when you feel transparent in the eyes of the others.

How is it done?

Let in your imagination raise a tree and observe the intensity in which you see the sap which ascends to its roots, its trunk, and that you feel that it raises in your feed and your legs. It comes to its branches like in your braces, in the leaves like in your hair.  You still feel that the tree still surrounds you and embraces you.

How does this help?

Every time when we feel neglected we come back to this tree. We live through its force directed to the ground by its roots. Still protected by it we find back to ourselves our presence and consistency, among others finally our will.



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