I free myself with self-hypnosis (Part II)

exercises self-hypnosis

Practicing regularly those therapeutic methods we get the chance to “disconnect” of what is painful in our existence for restoring our way of being.

The exercise of the waves – for bewildered people

To be practiced when there is the feeling of sick of one life, wishes, mired in relations and habits.

How is it done?

Let yourself carried by the waves. Imagine yourself a boat anchored. Give the command to raise the anchor. Follow it how this boat leaves the harbor under a shiny sky.

Why does this help?

For being in conformity with our wishes and not to lose ourselves it is sometimes necessary to cut separations, at least symbolic of dear people and habits. This exercise helps us to hurtful changes and offers us the perspective of new horizons.

Exercise “Clay” – to sculpture your couple 

It is practiced when our couple disappoints and frustrate us.

How is it done?

Imagine yourself that you sculpture the statue of your couple as you wish to be by using clay. Form the arms, which are touching one another, the mouths, which are touching and the braces, which are crossing and sustaining each other.

Why does this help?

The material, which is worked within our imagination, is ideally materialized and by this way it makes everything to be more accessible. Unconscious you will try to turn yourself into this projection. In your imagination, you will have the change to take the role of the artist within a project.

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