I share photos easily

share photos


Even if they are on paper or screen, photos can be shared immediately in the family, between friends or with a great number of people on Social Media. Today photography can take numerous forms. But with a common point, the pleasure to show your images to close people or to followers. The producers of photo cameras have understood this well, who propose a very large variety of tools, easy to use and with multiple functionalities (printing, connection…) easily to share.

Snapshots are liked by all generations

A generation of young consumers is close to this technology, which is considered revolutionary because it does not know the past.

Analog and digital

Since now the snapshot has not been an enemy of the digital generation. As a proof, the cameras have a viewer and they do not produce a paper print as the old Polaroids, some models integrate an LCD screen, an SD card for saving the files, and even some integrated editing tools. Most professionals are also equipped with a wireless Bluetooth connection to share the images, use the creative functions of a mobile app dedicated or set off from the distance.

Communicating tools

Compact, hybrid or SLRs, digital cameras are also in trend for sharing. All the models have henceforth at least a Bluetooth connection to sending immediately one`s images to the own mobile phone. And a WIFI, which equipped some models permits a more rapid transport. All offer two or even three lenses to achieve portraits, wide shots, variable openings to adapt to low light and image processing software increasingly sophisticated.