Interview with Mr. Eli Regalado

Mr. Eli Regalado Mad Hatter Agency Digital Marketing

“Assume nothing and test everything”… is the motto, which is followed by his digital marketing and sales business.

He has got to know success, surprised by the money he can make, helped only by a laptop.

Because in his vision – his life model being his dad – to be rich you should have dozens if not thousands of employees. But this vision has changed since he has entered the business world.

His crowdfunding company finances projects of young business companies by calls launched within the internet to collect funds.

Digital marketing helps him to promote by Facebook Ads and Public Relations by journalists.

He works only on projects, which passion him and in which he believes in and trusts that he can help.

The secret of the Mad Hatter Agency, founded by Mr. Eli Regalado is that every client has to pass a feasibility study (look at other launches and how much they raised, who wrote about them, what the average pledge was, and more. ).

His Udemy courses about Crowdfunding and the training programs have generated over a million dollars.

The early successes in crowdfunding have also led to several million dollars of investment funds from some of the most notable venture capitalists on the planet going straight to his students.

If you are interested to find out more details about the activity of Mad Hatter agency you can connect with Mr. Eli Regalado via his Website, @Twitter, or Facebook.


1. I would like to request you to share something about you and what’s not yet discussed before?

I went to prison twice before I turned 23 for stealing high-end sports cars.

2. How’s your experience working with Udemy and other sites where you were/are selling your courses? (I know that no one can gain success overnight, what looks overnight to people is actually countless sleepless nights bundled with a lot of hard work.)

I just use Udemy at the moment.  It’s been great.  I do very little maintenance and it generates a six figure income for me.

3. What are your top 3 customer acquisition channels for your courses?

Website, Guest Posts, Udemy students

4Does the course promotion on Social Media bring you financial satisfaction?

No.  I don’t do social hardly at all.  Too hard to target people who are crowdfunding.

5. What are the key factors in optimizing the Udemy and Youtube Channel for generating more profit?

Pick relevant keywords.  Update your content weekly.  Put your keyword in quotes (youtube).  

6. Any suggestions you would like to pass to the newbies in this field?

Give away your first 500 licenses.  This way you can charge for it once it looks like you have more students.

7. Any Interesting Experience from your Online Business Journey you would like to share with the audience?

Assume nothing and test everything.

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